Locksmith Service

Locksmithing covers such a wide spectrum of jobs and identifying what is needed to solve your problem can be troublesome. ICE Secure offers the solution to not only rectify your problem but to increase your overall security. 


When will you need my help?


You've snapped your key in your from door.

Your door doesn't quite seem to work as it should do.

You are locked out or locked in!

You need your locks changing or require high security locks installing.

ICE Secure can replace internal wooden doors, handles and latches. Over time you may find that the latches become worn or in some cases painted into place! If you feel that your handles are worn and tired and just need a more modern look call 07528721955  and I'll arrange a visit.


Andy at ICE Secure can help you with all your security needs and will provide free and friendly advice.

UPVC Window and Door Repair

ICE Secure uses specialised equipment to safely remove windows from its frame in order to replace the window hinges. By changing the hinges this will eliminate the draft coming through and will reduce your energy bills.

Call ICE Secure to book an appointment on 07528721955

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